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Mon 22 December 2014
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Old Boat Corner Community Centre (at Carden Park)

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Old Boat Corner Community Centre
Carden Park
Carden Hill, Brighton BN1 8GN
Telephone 01273 540 779

The OBCCA came into being on the 9th September 1985 when a Constitution was adopted at a meeting in the STC factory/Social Club premises in Crowhurst Rd. A small group of people were looking at the ‘soon to be redundant’ Social Club at the STC factory which was closing down with the idea of using it as a community centre.
Previous to that, the Together group, (a small registered charity working with families in Hollingbury) had obtained outline planning permission for a prefabricated building to be erected on the site where the community centre is now situated.
The newly formed OBCCA put in a bid to the Council for the STC premises but Wyncote Developments on behalf of Asda were negotiating for the lease. Brighton Council came to an agreement that Asda would build a community centre as part of the cost of the lease for the site. Cllr. George Humphrey, Honorary Alderman, was particularly involved in negotiations.
The developers worked alongside members of the OBCCA and the building was formerly handed over to the OBCCA with a licence to administer the building for the community in February 1988.

Groups meeting in the centre

Click here to visit their website. Old Boat Corner Community Centre.

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